Sarah Montagnoli

Published: 07.03.2022


Sarah Montagnoli is a Metalsmith and Educator, living and working in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She received her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design in 2018 and her MFA from Tyler School of Art and Architecture in 2021. Her work is created using traditional practices of hand fabrication in conjunction with technology and programs like CAD, Water Jet Cutters, and Laser cutters, to create perforated metal forms. Through adding materials such as furs, silicone, and flocking to the pieces, tactility and moments of comfort or pleasure are created in the work.


My research is interested in the response of perforated metal that is either hand pierced or Water Jet Cut with patterns, and these materials respond to pressure in processes utilizing the hydraulic press.
Pillowed metal forms with portals or openings are the result of this process, and these forms act as cages, which house alternative materials such as silicone, faux furs, felt, flock, and other tactile materials.
With the entrapping of tactile materials in the metal forms, these objects either release or restrain access to the sensual or comforting experience within the works. Considering themes of pleasure and comfort, along with concepts of permission versus restraint, I create wearable objects that open up to moments of touch, petting, grooming, and play.

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