Shu Wang

Published: 12.06.2024


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Shu Wang Shu Wang


Shu Wang is an interdisciplinary artist born in China and currently based in the United States. She initially majored in Nonmetallic Inorganic Material Engineering at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. After two and a half years, she transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017 to study Jewelry and Metal Design. While pursuing and after completing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Body, Fashion, and Garment at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Shu explored wearable sculpture and installation art. Her diverse background informs her practice, which encourages her to continuously experiment with and incorporate different mediums in her artworks. She excels in using mixed materials and integrating 3D modeling and printing. Most of her work draws from her experience of coming to terms with herself in relation to the world. 


My work consistently originates from my reactions, emotions, and expectations, stemming from an ambivalent relationship with the world.
While the world and society have their own shape, as an individual with consciousness and a distinct silhouette, my personal shape doesn't always align. When I encounter these differences, I often find myself compromising, altering aspects of myself to fit in, which leads to feelings of being lost and a drive to resist. This process of resisting reinvention triggers my emotions and thoughts, which I then transform into reactions and answers expressed through my artwork. These creations become the balance I find to coexist as an individual in this world.

Geometry always plays a pivotal role in my work. Emotions and reactions are complex and subjective, while geometry, comprising points, lines, and surfaces, is reliably simple and objective. I create sculptures in various sizes and scales, striving to develop a visual language that translates complicated emotions and concepts into something more accessible. My body provides objective evidence of my presence in the world and simultaneously carries my emotions, expectations, and reactions. Therefore, most of my works are wearable, originate from the body, or interact with the body.

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