Shu Wang

Published: 19.07.2021


I am a jewelry and accessory designer born in China, and currently located in the United State. I was initially majored in Nonmetallic Inorganic Material Science at University of Science and Technology Beijing. I transferred to Jewelry and Metal Design at Rochester Institute of technology in 2017. I am good at using mixed material and integration of modeling programs and 3D printing into jewelry. My past experience encourages me to transform ideas and inspirations geometrically.


Most of my designs started from my reaction, emotion, and expectation. I enjoy using geometric language to show my feelings. My jewelry is also deeply involved with fashion. I consider the garment as a canvas where jewelry existing on as the pigment.
My most recent work, QI, comes from a Chinese character, 气. In Chinese, 气(QI) could be simply interpreted as air, gas, weather, atmosphere, etc. But it is more commonly used to describe the balance in a spiritual way. The flow of 气(QI) resembles the motion of energy. Whether there is a life or not, the loss of 气(QI) means perish while the existence of 气(QI) represents alive.


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