Simon Day

Published: 30.10.2020

I grew up in the old city of London in the 1970s where I became fascinated and inspired by mankind’s attempts to explore and understand our place in the Universe, from ancient stone monuments to golden astrolabes. A love of fine metalwork led me to study Jewellery and Silversmithing in London’s old jewellery and watchmaking district. I have since spent nearly 30 years as a professional jeweller in all areas of the international jewellery business, from The Crown Jewellers to Vivienne Westwood. This broad experience has provided me with the technical skills necessary to create the images that appear in my imagination as three-dimensional metal sculpture. I continue to explore new techniques and materials and am currently experimenting with pieces made in stainless steel and gilded glass.


I am attracted towards light, to brilliant, luminous objects that radiate beauty, from the subatomic to the cosmic. My work is an attempt to express the spiritual light that shines within, and to create inspiring physical objects that have the potential to illuminate and transcend the darkness.

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