Simone ten Hompel

Published: 18.01.2024


Simone ten Hompel was born in Bocholt, Germany, in 1960. She is now one of the foremost metal practitioners in the UK, and well known for initiating collaborative projects and symposia on making. She is currently a Reader for Metal, Jewellery and Silversmithing at London Metropolitan University, and through her teaching, has influenced a new generation of artists working in metal.
Her work has been exhibited widely internationally and in many public collections, including the V&A Museum, London; Crafts Council Collection, London; National Museum of Scotland; National Museum of Wales; Goldsmiths' Hall, London; Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. In 2012, she won the State of Bavaria Award, IHM, Munich and in 2005, the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize.


Metal is my preferred form of communication, not only as a material for making pieces, moreover as a medium to carrier content. I am interested in trial and error whether meaning an subject matter as a form of narrative functions. This playful approach is my way of making, testing, and research the materiality in metal. The life of humans and the being of objects is of interest to me and to interpret their construct in 3D ‘text‘ narration in a variety of materials, forms, and function.

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Exhibition  06 Jul 2022 - 10 Jul 2022  Galerie Rosemarie Jäger at Frame 2022.
Workshop  16 Jul 2021 - 18 Jul 2021  From Hand to Mouth. A Spoon as a Tool by Simone Ten Hompel.
Exhibition  08 Sep 2020 - 02 Oct 2020  Das Gleiche im Anderen.
Exhibition  11 Mar 2020 - 27 Mar 2020  3ON by Isabelle Enders, Simone ten Hompel and Silvia Weidenbach.
Exhibition  14 Mar 2019 - 13 Apr 2019  21 Grams in Munich.
Exhibition  13 Mar 2019 - 17 Mar 2019  Galerie Rosemarie Jager at Frame 2019.
Fair  08 Mar 2017 - 14 Mar 2017  Schmuck 2017.
Fair  11 Mar 2015 - 17 Mar 2015  Schmuck 2015.
Fair  06 Mar 2013 - 12 Mar 2013  Schmuck 2013.

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Book:  Simone ten Hompel. Inside, Metalwork 2000 – 2008. Maas, BarbaraGalerie S O:  Switzerland,  2009