Sonia Beauchesne

Published: 01.03.2024


Two pieces from the Faire Écho series have been added to the artist's profile.
Sonia Beauchesne
. Photo by: Denis Baribault
Sonia Beauchesne
Photo by: Denis Baribault


Sonia Beauchesne studied in a at l’École de joaillerie de Québec, and since then she has followed many masterclasses and spent time in artistic residencies. She exhibited her work in shows, shops, galleries, and jewelry events across Canada, in the United States, in Belgium, in Spain, and South Korea. The artist has received numerous awards, grants, and mentions. For the past 10 years, the jeweler has been teaching in a college crafts program in Quebec City, and she is well involved in the discipline and beyond. She lives in Deschambault and works in Quebec City.


I create work in relationship with specific places. By collaborating with my surroundings, I reveal rich aspects of each location. I had participated in artistic residencies in the Canary Islands (SP), Seville (SP), and Iles de la Madeleine (CA) where I discovered my interest in working with local materials such as basalt, cork, and salt.

I use materials that have a smaller environmental footprint, choosing either natural (wood, salt, wax), recycled (plastic, metals, fabrics), or found objects. I do not hesitate to use delicate or ephemeral materials in some of my jewelry. I favor a project approach with each piece using materials, often non-traditional to jewellery, to create a common theme.

Although I instinctively approach the material using techniques from jewellery, no material is excluded. I create without constraint; the process is as important to me as the final result. While the jewel created can be friable, over-sized, or over-weight, it is still meant to be worn.

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Exhibition  03 Feb 2024 - 24 Feb 2024  Où - On - Where by the Hinterland Collective.