Tim Peel

Published: 26.01.2020


Tim Peel has maintained an almost 30 year jewellery career in Australia’s Yarra Valley after graduate studies in Gold & Silversmithing at Monash University. In that time his practice has grown from a drive to master traditional skills to an ongoing exploration of materials and colour and their ability to communicate ideas, concepts and a humanist connection. Peel now works from his own studio and gallery, Silvermist Studio, and is a Fellow of and the current President of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.


I am a Gold and Silversmith with more than 30 years experience handcrafting both fine jewellery and art jewellery from my home studio and studio gallery in the Yarra Valley, Australia.
Although my father tells of my making jewellery at the age of 4 years in his sculpture studio my formal studies began with jewellery making at both Secondary School and TAFE College, then a B.A. Craft (Gold & Silversmithing) at Monash University. This was later followed by Diamond Setting with Master Setter, Rex Steele-Merten and enamelling with multi award winner enamelist, Debbie Sheezel.
My work often combines the skills and techniques of the traditional fine jeweller with the palette a of contemporary art jewellery resulting in highly wearable art that reflects many of the dichotomies of a modern world. Wood, steel, rock and found object combined with silver, gold and gemstones opens up a whole new way of looking at jewellery were value is as much emphasised by meaningfulness and concept as it is by the skilled craftsmanship and precious materials. 
Far from ignoring traditional materials and skills, I have developed a practice that comfortably embraces these techniques whilst striving for the greater cerebral depths of Contemporary and Art Jewellery as a means of engaging new audiences to think more critically about jewellery, how they wear it, and the world around them.
Since 2017 I have focused on the “Preciousness” of memories and the quintessentially human trait of collecting worthless objects that hold great value because of the memories we install in them. These works have recently resulted in a significant grant to explore works that commemorate the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday bush fires in Victoria, a major natural disaster that claimed the lives of 180 people on the 7th of February, 2009. These works will strive to further define what is truely valuable through the experiences of four women and their stories of that day. I will be looking at how communities of people changed their actions for the benefit of others rather than themselves by using the stories held within worthless object to reignite memories and conversations. Through the creation of precious metal reliquaries for these objects an easily understood emphasis will be placed on their history thus demonstrating how jewellery can be a conduit to positive meaningfulness.


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