Yolanda Zheng

Published: 12.01.2022


Yolanda Zheng is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Amoy, China. As a Buddhist, she is searching for inner peace in this time which changes rapidly, also, she hopes to embrace the chaos, the energy, the feeling of being alive, and to share her positive attitude with people by express the light in her heart in her works.Yolanda has been exposed to traditional Chinese fine arts since she was very young. She earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Minzu University of China. Thanks to this period of learning, architectural elements often appear in her work. Yolanda’s works are not confined to flat forms but usually, appear in three-dimensional form. During her master's studies, she was interested in brooch back stitch forms and traditional handcrafts. Yolanda makes extensive use of hand metalwork, stone setting, and brooch backs in her work.Yolanda’s artwork has been shown in China, Romania, and the UK.


My works are mostly originated from personal experiences and feelings, especially experiences that bring us a sense of happiness. In this brutal world, people often lost themselves and their perception and experience of happiness are becoming less and less, so I hope to communicate with viewers about the meaning of life, small details of daily life, and happiness through my work for resonance. 
On artistic style, I esteem myself as a narrative jeweler, which means I prefer to set my personal experiences and feelings as a starting point, and which gets developed further out of my understanding of the world to echo with others. In my work, I hope to embrace the chaos, the energy, the feeling of being alive by capture those special moments, and to share my positive attitude with people by express the light in my heart. 

A flower roots in my heart:
Under the heavy pressure of fast-paced life and fierce competition, people ignore small happiness in life. We are stressed, depressed and lost. This problem has become more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on my research in psychology and philosophy, I believe that happiness is hidden in small things in our daily lives, so I started to capture all kinds of happy moments, and try to express true happiness. This project is expected to awaken people to embrace the chaos, the energy, the feeling of being alive.

The smell:
Odors always remind me of certain scenarios. It brings me back to the deepest of my memory and feelings. According to my collected questionnaire, most people agree that odor works like a trigger point for us to remember moments and feelings that we thought we have forgotten. This work consists of a set of tableware made of spices, which is an attempt of the boundary of artwork’s functionality and possibility. A user experience survey is followed. Each person gives a very distinct and personal response to their diversified feelings and memories. 

Microorganism floating in the air interests me. I researched the micro-cosmos that exposed to optical and electron microscope. Visual patterns are extracted, simplified, and developed in this project. In this project, I try to visualize this micro-cosmos that invisible to our naked eye and to explore the unity of opposite pursuits in free form and rigorous logic. These are shown in the chosen materials and combination of laser cut and handwork. Besides, it is also a result of my experiment on how to hide brooch bases. 

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Exhibition  16 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021  Meditating Through Jewelry at New York City Jewelry Week 2021.
Award giving  03 Oct 2021 - 03 Oct 2021  Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0 Award Winners.
Exhibition  30 Sep 2021 - 03 Oct 2021  Romanian Jewelry Week 2021.
Exhibition  26 Sep 2021 - 06 Oct 2021  Shape of Nature 2021. Selected artist list announced.

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Book:  Shape of Nature. Sun, HermanChina Humanities Publishing House:  Hong Kong,  2022