Yunqi Zhang

Published: 21.01.2020
Yunqi Zhang. Installation: Belief, 2019. Video, old TVs, counterfeit money.. Photo by: Yunqi Zhang. From series: Memorial. Yunqi Zhang
Installation: Belief, 2019
Video, old TVs, counterfeit money.
Photo by: Yunqi Zhang
From series: Memorial
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Born in China, Yunqi Zhang completed BA at Central Academy of Fine Arts with 3rd prize and came to Royal college of art in 2017. Questioning the material value, seeking the preciousness is always her core topic of creation. Through the 2 years in London, she attended a lot of exhibitions and been selected to the jewellery finalist of International Talent Support 2019. The current work “Memorial” is for memorising the personal loss. For her, the invisible emotional connection between family is the preciousness she was looking for. Death is cold, but it is not. We can’t stop forgetting, but the memorial we do keeps death from being cold. Death is beautiful at that moment.