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Published: 17.02.2015
Susan Pietzsch
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28 pages, softcover, full colour images, text in English, 28 x 21 cm
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This publication brings together the HOCHsitz Atelier-designed by the radical contemporary designer Martí Guixe (ES/DE)-as well as an interview project conducted over the internet with: Marti Guixe (ES/GER), BLESS (FR/GER), Ingrid de Coster/Verzameld Werk (BE), Ulrike Solbrig/UNWETTER (GER), Yuka Oyama (GER/JP) and Päivi Ernkvist (SE).

The project HOCHsitzen was a contribution by the association Schmuck2 to the current debate on the role of the exhibition-space/studio/space for jewelry artists, artists, and designers.
The HOCHsitz studio—a space created as an intersection between exhibition space, workshop, and residence as comment on the current debate on interdisciplinary approaches—was designed in 2010 by Martí Guixe in collaboration with Schmuck2 in Glashagen, in the northern German province of Mecklenburg. Situated in the private meadow of a farm, the HOCHsitz took on its function as a border crosser between private property and public space.
This publication brings together the HOCHsitz-studio and the collaboration by the Cologne art historian Dr. Anne Schloen, Susan Pietzsch/Schmuck2 e.V., and the Berlin-based artist Ulrike Solbrig/UNWETTER for an interview project they conducted over the internet with a range of international designers, artists, and theoreticians.

The publication was launched at the first exhibitions at the HOCHsitz Atelier during the summer of 2010 by jewellery artist Noon Passama and the Berlin based artist Silke Koch.

Interviews by:
Martí Guixé ( Spain / Germany ) | Bless ( France / Germany ) | Verzameld werk ( Belgium ) | Ulrike Solbrig ( Germany ) | Yuka Oyama ( Japan / Germany ) | Päivi Ernkvist ( Sweden )

Design by:
Gabriele Altevers and Karla Detlefsen

Translation by:
Cathy Cox, Alan Marsik and Ulrike Solbirg

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About the author

Susan Pietzsch is a German jewellery artist based in Germany and Japan. In addition to her own artistic work, Pietzsch’s working practice encompasses a wide scope—comprehensive work on projects reflecting contemporary concepts of jewellery, which she has initiated under the name of Schmuck2 since 1997.
In so doing, Pietzsch's focus lies on international, artistic collaborations in which she explores unusual and novel representations of current concepts of jewellery.

With projects such as: "Wrappinghood," a project in public space for the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (2005); the poster project "Glitz and then Some - Things in the Everyday Life of Art" (2007); the "Discursive Picnic" involving audience participation parallel to the Handwerksmesse at the MaximiliansForum in Munich (2011); the workshop and exhibition "JEWELLERY HYPERREAL - How could jewellery be transferred into hyperreality?" (2012-14); and the jewellery hunt "Jewelry Hunting - Die Jagd nach dem Schmuckbild"; along with the HOCHsitz Atelier (2013), Susan Pietzsch formulates multifaceted interpretations of contemporary views of jewellery using conceptions that range between applied and fine arts. In addition, the artist has extensively and carefully documented her work in many publications.

Inner pages.
Inner pages

© By the author. Read Copyright.
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Inner pages

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Inner pages

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© By the author. Read Copyright.