Preziosa 2013. Un Certain Regard

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Published: 05.04.2017
Preziosa 2013. Un Certain Regard.
Le Arti Orafe
Text by:
Maria Cristina Bergesio
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Le Arti Orafe
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Soft cover, 24 x 21 cm, 133 pages, color illustrations
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Le Arti Orafe
Page 59, David Bielander.
Page 59, David Bielander

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Preziosa 2013 starts from the otherness of this peculiar Art, and wants to focus on visual reaction of the “public” in face of contemporary research jewellery. To guide the public in the exhibition, three thematic sections were created: Ornamentorum Lex, Essere o non essere?, Quel che vedo è quello che vedo!

The thematic exhibition was centred on the imaginary, on expectations and assumptions of the public in relation to the jewel. The exhibition presented works by six international artists selected as examples of specific issues related to the imaginary: recognition/estrangement/surprise/rejection/trespassing, and will be divided into three sections:

- "To be or not be": shapes visually recall ancient jewels like precious objects, but in reality....? Artwork by Karin Seufert and Philip Sajet.
- The conceptual research on the imagination in jewellery: Suska Mackert.
- "What I see is what I see!", The irony of David Bielander; the aggressiveness of Sophie Hanagarth; the fun mechanics of Sigurd Bronger.

David Bielander, Sigurd Bronger, Sophie Hanagarth, Suska Mackert, Philip Sajet, Karin Seufert.

Curator: Maria Cristina Bergesio.

Texts in English and Italian.
Page 59, Sophie Hanagarth.
Page 59, Sophie Hanagarth

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Page 65, Sigurd Bronger.
Page 65, Sigurd Bronger

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Page 24, Suska Mackert.
Page 24, Suska Mackert

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Page 80, Eva Sauer.
Page 80, Eva Sauer

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