Preziosa 2005-2014 & Preziosa Young 2008-2014

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Published: 10.11.2016
Le Arti Orafe
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PREZIOSA is a cultural project, an annual exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Jewellery.
Every year the artistic approach to the complex subject of jewellery is explored through a specific concept and with the selection of artists from the international scene.

The project began in 2005, and was conceived and coordinated by LAO - Le Arti Orafe, since 1985 school for Jewellery Making and Jewellery Design in Italy, thanks to the initiative of his director, Giò Carbone, who decided to organize an international event, to promote different aspect of Research Jewellery conceived as an autonomous form of artistic research.

The competition does not have a predetermined theme, and the selection will be made based on: Quality of design and manufacture of the pieces; Originality in the use and interpretation of the materials; Conceptual and technical innovation.