Helena Lehtinen Lecture at ENSA Limoges

Published: 04.11.2022
ENSA Limoges
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ENSA Limoges
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My artistic practice is driven by my interest in everyday objects and forms. Practical in use, imperceptible, common; all that raises my interest. In series produced no traces of individualism. Forms that create a certain kind of 'Family'. These ordinary forms or objects are material for my work. They give me the freedom to play; change the size, change the materials, and change the function. Ordinary is transformed into unique but still reveals its origin. Helena Lehtinen

In this lecture, Lecture, both in english and french, Helena Lehtinen talks about her work and her artistic residency at the ENSA -National School of Art and Design- in Limoges.

On an invitation of the artist Monika Brugger, head of the jewellery department at ENSA Limoges. 

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Helena Lehtinen