Jewel Rotterdam 2022

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Published: 01.06.2022
Pathos Studios Luigino Clarinda
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On 20th May 2022 Jewel.Rotterdam was presented: 30 Rotterdam based jewellery designers and students specialized in jewellery design at the Ad Arts & Crafts Hogeschool Rotterdam. (19-22 May). Their collections were displayed during the Art Rotterdam Week at OBJECT in the HAKA-building. OBJECT is a unique pop-up platform for product designers. 

They make unique handmade pieces, jewellery collections, classic and independent work, in highly diverse styles with a rich variety of materials. A selection of designers exhibit and trade (inter)nationally or just in the city and exhibit and trade through online stores. A few designers also have a shop in Rotterdam. For this occasion, everyone designed a jewellery piece for men.
All designers:

Additionally, lectures about jewellery for men were hosted at the gallery PHOEBUS•Rotterdam. The lectures were presented by Suzanne van Leeuwen, a jewellery conservator at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and fashion designer Gary Symor (19 May), Liesbeth den Besten, an art historian specialized in jewellery, and Iwan Klein, a silver and goldsmith specialized in signet rings (21 May).
A large image projection was displayed outside the Van Lanschot building (a commercial Bank) in the center of the city, Dancers of the House of Urban Arts showed jewellery of the designers.

Director, choreographer and stylist: Indirah Tauwnaar (@indi.t523)

Filmography and edit: Luigino “Luwi” Clarinda, Pathos Studios (@pathos.studios)

Artists, @houseofurbanarts: Aira Van Egmond (@airavane), Bente Riensema (@bente.riensema), Greyven Pieternella, Ingrid Aboa Befolo (@ingrid_aboa), Noëlgel NØËL Pinedo

Projectie: Show & Tell Productions

Concept and coordination: Karin van Paassen
Jewel.Rotterdam Stichting 10 tégen 1
Karin van Paassen, coördinator tel. 06-24373714