Ringing II a Performance by Neringa Poskute-Jukumiene

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Published: 24.01.2023
Mindaugas Bulnis
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Poskute-Jukumiene, Neringa
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Performance Ringing II by Lithuanian contemporary jewellery and metal artist Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė presented at the contemporary art festival Virus in Šiauliai, Lithuania, on the 12th of December 2022. This performance created a cathartic experience simultaneously woven in religious symbols, high fashion catwalk culture and materiality of jewellery.
Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė occupies a unique position in contemporary Lithuanian jewellery. She refuses to concentrate on creating objects for the body, let alone jewellery, focusing instead on the process itself. Neringa was one of few artists from the Baltic states participating in SMCK On Reel, the first international video festival inspired by jewellery and wearable art. So it's very interesting to further follow Neringa's artistic research journey. 

The musical part was composed and performed by Irena Upė.
Special thanks to the performers: Ignė Zdanevičiūtė, Jorilė Švedaitė, Uršulė Janavičiūtė, Rugilė Titaitytė and Simona Agota Martinkus, students of Vilnius Academy of Arts Faculty of Telšiai.