Sigurd Bronger. Torsten and Wanja Söderberg's prize 2012

Published: 04.11.2022
Carl Johan Engberg
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Röhsska Museum
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For more than thirty years, Sigurd Bronger has been standing as a maverick figurehead in the international experimental jewelry scene. This designation fits this artist like a glove since he has long abandoned the essentially ornamental function of jewellery.
Since the end of the 90s, he has concentrated on the elaboration of objects based on the principle of the ready-made, which he names wearable devices and designs to stage all sorts of things. Some are drawn from the most prosaic everyday life - soap, eraser, used sole -, while others - nautilus, eggs - have more to do with the Naturalia of the cabinets of curiosities.

In this short documentary, the Norwegian jewel designer, who received the T&W Söderberg Prize in 2012, talks about his work process.

Directed by Carl Johan Engberg, Stavfel Produktion.

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