SM*CK Magazine. Issue #06. Munich Metamorphoses

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Published: 27.04.2022
SM*CK Magazine. Issue #06. Munich Metamorphoses.
Loukia Richards, Christoph Ziegler
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Various contributors
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ZLR Betriebsimperium
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Hamburg / Athens
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SM*CK Magazine #6
SMCK Magazine #6, page 2/3..
SMCK Magazine #6, page 2/3.

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For two years the Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to hold Schmuck. March 2022 was expected to be the glorious comeback. But Schmuck has postponed the awards nominees' show to July 2022. However, some art institutions and prestigious galleries have stuck to their plans and made Schmuck Part I happen! SMCK Magazine reports on Munich Metamorphoses and Schmuck's Great Reset.
Before the pandemic, this city-wide celebration of independent artists lacked 'headhunters'; it provided neither 'synergy requests' nor 'job opportunities' but had become the playground of self-proclaimed VIPs who tried, often aggressively, to convince artists that they must join their network or perish.

The event has also become very expensive for what it delivered – namely, an imaginary community where everyone sold and no one bought. A successful city event attracts reputable decision-makers and industry recruiters to town; it brings job opportunities, sparks new collaborations, inspires and showcases innovative ideas, supports the avant-garde, and generates income. Last but not least, it draws the interest of the "real" Press with the synergies it creates between art, economy, and city branding.
In recent years, local artists and local dealers – the true initiators of the original 'city event' surrounding Schmuck – openly complained about the loss of prestige, creativity, and customers.
Schmuck Part I in March has reminded the world of its high standards and set the bar for Schmuck Part II. The July event should strive to address new collectors, young professionals, curious visitors, and experts coming from other arts and crafts disciplines, initiating them into the magic of jewelry.
SMCK Magazine issue No.6 features:
• Schmuck's Great Reset 
• Art has no value!
• Metamorphoses and the intellectual value of upcycling
• MUNICH: Fun, Wurst and Jewelry! Schmuck Trip Report
• SMCK On Reel: Jewelry's new best friend
• Tradition and liberation in Korean jewelry 
• The purpose of Greek embroidery
• LEGNICA unites art, economy and city branding
• Small collections nurture contemporary jewelry
• Should we stop creating to save the planet?
• And more...
SMCK Magazine #6, page 8/9..
SMCK Magazine #6, page 8/9.

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SMCK Magazine #6, page 10/11.

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SMCK Magazine #6, page 26/27.

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SMCK Magazine #6, page 48/49.

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SMCK Magazine #6, page 56/57.

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SMCK Magazine #6, page 64/65.

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