Summer Readings 2022

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Published: 29.07.2022
Summer Readings 2022.

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Even though the summer months put a pause on many of the inspiring art events, we collected some of our published materials to stimulate the creative and curious spirit.
Loukia Richards’ article seeks to find answers to why contemporary jewelry doesn’t have a chance to set the tone of the global art scene, while a brief analysis guides us through the position of Art Jewelry in the Chinese market by Chenni Sheng. Zooming onto more personal perspectives, Alberto Dávila, Helen Britton, Robert Baines, and Lars Joosten share their personal experiences and comprehensive views in four featured interviews.

We also examine two gender-influenced aspects in the world of jewellery: Hard and straight. The creation of Nineteenth-Century Masculinity and how it affects the wearing of jewellery in a form of an article alongside our book recommendation on female jewellery designers between 1965-1990.
Flipping through the pages of the thought-provoking 7th issue of SM*CK Magazine titled War and Peace, we are introduced to some ideas on how jewellery can also advocate for justice.

Jorunn Veiteberg shares her passion for collecting in a selected article, and at last but not least, there are two remarkable monographs about Iris Eichenberg and Manfred Bischoff on our list of recommendations.