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Published: 16.06.2020
Galeria Reverso
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7 CATS, 1 LIFE is a collective exhibition from seven jewelers: Jordi Aparicio, Ignasi Cavaller, Carla Garcia Durlan, Sandra Llusà, Elena Moreno, Clara Niubò, and William Rudolph Faulkner. They meet again after their first collaboration “7 Dialects, 1 Word.” where they used the word freedom as a basis of expression for themselves in their own language. This year, they propose a small gag to that meeting one year ago, where jokes, commitment, and criticism will become their meeting point. As 7 cats roam the rooftops of the same city, they inspire, observe, and share their experience.

Artist Track:
00:07 Carla Garcia Durlan
01:15 Clara Niubò
02:30 Elena Moreno
03:42 Ignasi Cavaller
06:27 Jordi Aparicio
08:21 Sandra Llusà
09:34 William Faulkner

Artist list

Jordi Aparicio, Ignasi Cavaller, Carla Garcia Durlan, William Rudolph Faulkner, Sandra Llusà, Elena Moreno Ribas, Clara Niubò