Cameo Pupa Tapestry

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Published: 09.08.2016
Beverley Price
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Beverley Price
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Holographic postcard of a female body, bought in Germany, pierced out and edged with rusted copper and orange Czech glass beads, attached to fine-gold-leaf-backed plexiglass, 
bound with copper wire, encapsulated between two sheets of ironed Czech sausage paper, edged with metallic pink thread stitching all contained within a large cameo-shaped, interlocking tapestry frame comprising 1cm thick of pendant-drill- pierced Plexiglass, contained within, clear PVC inserted into the interlocking tapestry frames riveted in place with sterling silver chenier (tube), on one side finished with square purple Swarovski crystals posted on copper wire suspended on thick plastic cable also cameo-shaped with fine gold and Japanese Mokuba chenille.