Fe. Stahlpreis 2020. Wismar, Hasselt and Lappeenranta. Three Countries, Three Cities, Three Schools

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Published: 15.03.2021
Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
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Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
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This video is created by Pforzheim Jewellery Museum about the exhibition "Fe. Stahlpreis 2020. Wismar, Hasselt, Lappeenranta. Three Countries, Three Cities, Three Schools" on show from 05 November 2020 until 18 July 2021.

For the past few years, three innovative training institutions specializing in jewelry design have evolved in these three cities, located in Germany, Belgium, and Finland. In this exhibition, the Jewellery Museum will be spotlighting new aspects of international contemporary jewelry – created in places that don’t rank among the focal points of the jewelry scene but for this reason are breeding grounds for the development of refreshingly new approaches to art jewelry.