Happy Hours

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Published: 09.04.2015
Réka Lörincz
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Lörincz, Réka
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Highlighting things in their own complexities that cover and hide them; extracting them from the referral system of their usability and utility.
Detaching everyday usage from them in which they submerge and are silenced.
Forgetting their utility that limits them.
Palpating the escape route out of their determined function.
Putting and end to the inconspicuous commutity with them – waiting until they appear in their own existence, materiality and senslessness.
Staying there where the object is nothing but its own static, monotone, schocking self: stronger than me yet still almost nothing; an irreplaceable confrontation that forces us to a new relation.
Questioning the unbindable nesting of things – not that of finished forms but the fitting of escape routes among the division lines from their reference.
Exposing unstoppable intersections and entanglements.
Changing the useful, the useless, the intensive, the shallow, the significant, the insignificant, the preparation, the postponement, the realisation, the start, the arrival, the finding, the failure.
Saturating and emptying the gathering and scattering monotony.