Sebastien Carre shows new work

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Carre, Sebastien
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This piece is called "“ Conscience -  From the Darkness Come the Light “ - 2015, Ring (2 or 3 fingers) - nylon, rubber, silk & cotton thread - Agata, tiger eyes, red tiger eyes, coral beads - bohemian glass beads - beads.

First piece made after the attacks occurred on November 13th in Paris - this ring reminds us that we must also open our eyes about our place on this Earth. The structure, black, of this ring is made by the pollutants emitted by mankind (plastic, petrol ...) I embroiered on it representatives of the animal, mineral and vegetables pecies. Meanwhile man is represented by the blue beads to deliver us a message: we can all live in harmony as long as we use our mind and consciousness ... This ring calls us to a necessary awareness on our notions of preciousity... the precious petrol is also destructive, we are probably close to a new era ... Paris forever in my heart.