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Published: 13.11.2014
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Art Jewelry Forum is ready to publish our fourth book and continue to broaden and solidify the story of international contemporary art jewelry. This video was made as part of a campaign to raise funds to make this happen.  All donations of finanical support go to printing the book, paying the writers a decent wage, and increasing distribution and awareness.

The book, Shows & Tales, will explore how we look at art jewelry through its exhibitions. Art Jewelry Forum's approach to this topic is threefold. The first contributors will examine the landmark art jewelry exhibitions to plot the evolution of the field. What were they? Where were they? What did they look like? What did they contribute to the culture then and now? The second section exposes the challenges of curating craft through essays and discussions with top arts professionals. What are the obstacles and rewards of exhibiting art jewelry? How do they do their jobs? The final act is a collection of recent reviews that question exhibition experimentation and display strategies.

Artist list

Glenn Adamson, Sarah Archer, Jivan Astfalck, Lizzie Atkins, David Beytelmann, Gabriel Craig, Susan Cummins, Monica Gaspar, Toni Greenbaum, Namita Gupata Wiggers, Marthe Le Van, Benjamin Lignel, Jennifer Navva Milliken, Kellie Riggs, Damian Skinner, Cindi Strauss, Meredith Turnbull, Valeria Vallarta Siemelink, Jorunn Veiteberg, Liesbeth den Besten