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Published: 11.02.2015
Nanna Melland
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Nanna Melland
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In 2011 I started to develop a new piece of work called Swarm. The concept is picked from nature, most known as a huge flocks of insects. This is the inspiration behind the project Swarm, which consist of thousands flat aluminium airplanes hung in a swarm formation on a large wall. The project show how humans have conquered aerial space. How we constantly move around in the world like swarms; both as human swarms swell as airplane swarms. A result of modern aerial traffic.
As a part of the installation the audience has been able to take with them airplanes directly from the wall. That is, they can choose an airplane and pick it directly from the installation. Hence the airplanes, and the swarm, have spread out to the general public, and the project has, and continues to have, its own life outside the gallery space.

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