Gradex. Stellenbosch Visual Arts Department Degree Show 2022

Exhibition  /  NewTalentsByKlimt02  /  25 Nov 2022  -  27 Nov 2022
Published: 04.04.2023
Gradex. Stellenbosch Visual Arts Department Degree Show 2022.
Universiteit Stellenbosch University
Carine Terreblanche, Joani Groenewald, Mariambibi Khan

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Gradex is an annual exhibition curated and created by the graduating class of the Stellenbosch Visual Arts Department. It allows the students from each of the three study streams; Visual Communication Design, Jewellery Design and Fine Arts, to showcase their work. 

Artist list

Geneva Frans, Kim Jooste, Anika Lotter, Marthea Louw, Chandra Ngomane, Charne Vermaak
The event focuses on celebrating and supporting students’ transition into the creative industry. 

Gradex displays works that address a wide variety of subject matter throughout the three different disciplines that can be studied in the Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University.

The jewellery course in particular focuses on educating jewellery design as a critical discipline that allows students to reflect on their surroundings and translate their ideas into three dimensional wearable artworks that communicate and stimulate thought. We believe that jewellery design can function as a multi-faceted design tool to push boundaries and communicate messages of identity, place, social standing, cultural practices, and political viewpoints.  The Gradex showcase is an illustration of such a design philosophy and can be seen in the graduate work of the class of 2022.

Graduate students:
  • Anika Lotter
  • Marthea Louw
  • Chandra Ngomane
  • Geneva Frans
  • Charne Vermaak
  • Kim Jooste

Guiding teachers:
Carine Terreblanche (Jewellery Division coordinator/senior lecturer)
Mariambibi Khan (lecturer)
Joani Groenewald (lecturer)