Jorge Gil

Published: 18.10.2019


Jorge Gil lives and works in Havana, Cuba. The contemporary jeweler, who started his career as a sculptor, first studied Technical Design and Painting. Titanium is the main material employed in his jewellery as he is interested in exploring the characteristics of this unique metal.


I started my career as a sculptor, although sculpting jewelry, which I still do. 15 Years ago, there was a remarkable change when I swore absolute loyalty to the metal titanium (whether or not in combination with other metals and materials).
Titanium - a unique metal, with a wide variety of attributes - is a warrior in the front line and the battle between us always continues undecided. The specific qualities of titanium lead without any doubt to contemporary jewellery, although born by using mainly traditional tools and applying centuries old craft techniques, after all I am a craftsman.
In the course of time, my jewellery got a monumental character. A process evolved in my mind, where my designs were taken to a larger scale and when millimeters became meters. I pictured my pieces, their shapes, and three-dimensional character suddenly as voluminous sculptures; installed in a park in Sydney, in a living room in Amsterdam or even in one of the emblematic historical plazas in my home city, Havana.
The architecture and design of my titanium pieces with their small scale, perfectly can live on human anatomy, however re-dimensioning its size, they literally escalate. So, the same person wearing a jewellery-design also can walk around or under its blow up in a spatial (whether or not public) environment. It´s therefore that I keep asking myself if the scale ratio is relevant?

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Fair  05 Nov 2009 - 08 Nov 2009  SIERAAD 2009.
Fair  06 Nov 2008 - 09 Nov 2008  SIERAAD 2008.

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