Manfred Nisslmüller

Published: 30.05.2024
Manfred Nisslmüller in 2013 Manfred Nisslmüller in 2013


Born in Vienna in 1940, Manfred Nisslmüller underwent goldsmith training at Wilhelm Bauer's workshop in Vienna from 1954 to 1958. His work soon reduced his professional activity, and he began his involvement in the visual arts. In 1967, he created his first jewellery designs and began exhibiting drawings, sculptures, and paintings.

From 1985, his activity in the jewellery sector increased again, and it has become the focus of his artistic activity. In 1969, he was the recipient of the Diamond International Award presented in the United States and also received the Appreciation Prize for Fine Art of the Republic of Austria in 1992.



The essence of jewellery can be conveyed through its description and function as adornment, often more intimately than through the physical piece itself.

Manfred Nisslmüller has been exploring the reflective aspects of jewellery and the strategies derived from these reflections, consistently providing inspiration and thought-provoking material. His approach, more 'research-oriented' than 'art-oriented, questions the presumed necessary connection between the concept and executed object and between jewellery as a category of work and an artistic design field.

By pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, Nisslmüller explores jewellery's deeper meanings and functions beyond its material execution, provoking thought, inspiring dialogue, and encouraging a broader understanding of jewellery as both an art form and a medium for intellectual exploration.

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Exhibition  10 Mar 2017 - 07 May 2017  Private Confessions. The Drawings of Jewellery Artists.
Fair  08 Mar 2017 - 14 Mar 2017  Schmuck 2017.