María Blondet

Published: 20.10.2021


With the inspiration of the exuberant Caribbean landscape that surrounds her native Puerto Rico, María Blondet works on a daily basis in her studio where she, juxtaposes design and form to extract rhythm from precious metals to create delicate works of art -versatile, combinable, and adjustable- that glisten and shine and can be worn for any occasion. Rhythm and movement as well as texture, brilliance and the contrast between the different materials and forms make her works shine in numerous exhibitions internationally.


Jewelry making as an art expression is my passion. I play with positive and negative spaces, finishes, color, and textures to make one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade by me. Through design, balance, and harmony I give rhythm to fine metals like Argentium silver 935 and 22K gold and create miniature wearable sculptures. Detailed craftsmanship and the functionality of each piece are key. Size, shape, and volume don’t limit my creativity, it challenges me to make each piece work around the body most gracefully and comfortably. All pieces are made to be worn. I see the person who wears my pieces as a collaborator since I believe pieces are completed once they are worn.

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Fair  27 Apr 2022 - 30 Apr 2022  MAD About Jewelry 2022.
Fair  15 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021  New York City Jewelry Week.

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Book:  New Bracelets: 400+ Contemporary Jewelry Designs. Estrada, NicolasPromopress:  Barcelona,  2021