Regine Schwarzer

Published: 05.10.2023


Born in Germany, Schwarzer grew up in Bavaria, training in jewellery-making and metalwork at the Zeichenakademie Hanau, one of the oldest training institutions in Europe. Schwarzer’s move to Australia in 1993 profoundly influenced her work as she discovered a passion for rocks and minerals which occur in abundance here. Inspired by the colours and structures of these minerals, she learned how to shape them and uses them often in her work.


Living in Australia has influenced my work profoundly through discovering my passion for rocks and minerals which occur in abundance here. For a number of years I myself have been collecting, processing and cutting the stones I use in my work inspired by their colours. The crystalline formations of minerals which grow in a variety of different systems stimulate me to construct both jewellery and objects that reference and utilize gems and minerals. My art practice is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals, rocks and metal. I use and interpret this material in various ways: its actual form, cut, uncut and as interpretations of the crystalline structure.

Signs and wonders refer to experiences that are perceived to be miraculous. 
To me, every day is filled with miracles and wonders. I see and experience the natural world filled with wonders and miracles. I am a passionate bushwalker and collector of rocks, plant matter and items left behind by , civilisation’ such as rusty bits of steel.
Visual uniqueness of the treasures in my collection is imbued with wonder and I see value in such common materials often overlooked or disregarded - and it is this which has long fascinated me to explore.
Slicing and cutting into rocks is a discovery of what has been hidden for eons. Patterns and structures of plant matter such as the bulb of the invasive Watsonia found everywhere in the Adelaide hills are wonderous to me. The sequencing of the patterns and the babushka manner in which they are growing lets me into an exploration of shapes and forms. Fossilized sea creatures such as the fossilized Fenestella[1] from Tasmania helps me understand the enormity of life on our planet.
Working with my collection I create small sculptures from metal and stone which resonate with my deep appreciation for the phenomena found underneath and above the ground. 



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Workshop  12 Aug 2023 - 12 Aug 2023  Prong Stone Setting. A workshop with Regine Schwarzer.
Workshop  25 Feb 2023 - 25 Feb 2023  Flush Stone Setting Course with Regine Schwarzer.
Exhibition  06 Aug 2022 - 07 Aug 2022  Regine Schwarzer's Open Studio at SALA.
Exhibition  23 May 2014 - 10 Jun 2014  Mineral Manifestations by Regine Schwarzer.
Exhibition  03 Dec 2013 - 24 Dec 2013  New Collections Showcase 2013.
Exhibition  17 Sep 2013 - 05 Oct 2013  Regine Schwarzer: Mineral Manifestations.
Exhibition  20 Jun 2013 - 03 Aug 2013  Regine Schwarzer: Mineral Manifestations.
Exhibition  15 Feb 2013 - 16 Feb 2013  Wear a piece of Adelaide.
Exhibition  02 Oct 2012 - 13 Oct 2012  For The Love of COFFEE.
Exhibition  10 May 2012 - 29 Jun 2012  Collection.
Exhibition  08 May 2012 - 02 Jun 2012  Very Simple Proofs, The Trivial Ring.
Exhibition  06 Oct 2011 - 27 Oct 2011  Rhopos.
Exhibition  10 Jun 2010 - 18 Jul 2010  Regine Schwarzer: GeoMorphing.

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