Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri

Published: 06.10.2022


Yoko Takirai was born in Tokyo, Japan and Pietro Pellitteri in Sicily, Italy. Yoko holds degrees from West Virginia University in the United States (1994, BA in Foreign Languages and Art History). In 1995, Yoko moved to Florence, where she studied at the Le Arti Orafe school (1997, diplomas in goldsmith's art,  jewellery design). In 2002, she founded Takirai Design - the contemporary jewellery company. The encounter with Pietro Pellitteri, designer and art director at Pellitteri Design, took place during a jewellery exhibition, and together they started a research path creating innovative jewellery. In 2018 Yoko and Pietro opened a gallery-workshop in the heart of Florence, where they continue to receive numerous awards and international recognition. Their collections have been exhibited in numerous shows both in Italy and abroad and are part of the permanent collections of several international museums and private collections.


The inspiration of their work is translated into geometric space, revealing lightness and elegance. Their creative spirit is expressed in simple forms which evolve in their purity. Finely crafted objects were prosecuted through a dedication to a research laboratory that allows transferring an emotion filtered by the movements whose simple and clean shapes which are left without anything too much.

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Exhibition  27 Sep 2023 - 28 Oct 2023  Del Cor a Les Mans at 66 Mistral Gallery.
Exhibition  21 Jun 2023 - 28 Jul 2023  Frames and Focus. Displaced Jewels.
Exhibition  27 Apr 2023 - 30 Apr 2023  Influences: Echoes of the Earth in Valencia.
Exhibition  08 Mar 2023 - 11 Mar 2023  Influences: Echoes of the Earth.
Exhibition  21 Sep 2022 - 21 Oct 2022  Melencolia or the Saturnine Nature of the Artist.
Exhibition  05 May 2022 - 09 Jul 2022  Mesdames. Female portraits and contemporary features.