KORU 2 International Contemporary Jewellery

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Published: 05.07.2006
KORU 2  International Contemporary Jewellery.
Eeva-Kaisa Hakulinen
Text by:
Eija Mustonen, Eeva-Kaisa Hakulinen, Antonio Altarriba, Liesbeth Den Besten, Ted Polhemus
Edited by:
South Carelia Polytechnic Publications
Edited at:
Technical data:
96 pages, hard cover, full colour photographs, text in Finnish and English, 29.5 x 24.5 cm
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Catalogue of KORU 2, a worldwide event at the edge of the world that creates an experimental field in Lappeenranta, in the European periphery.
In this catalogue we wanted to introduce two different approaches to jewellery. Ted Polhemus views jewellery from an anthropological perspective and classifies it as adornment. He emphasises the ancient need for human beings to decorate and transform their bodies, which in addition to verbal language is one of the most ancient traditions of humanity. Art historian Liesbeth den Besten talks about observing a piece of jewellery and its values not as a product, but as symbolic works, as in the fantastic story about Duke Ellington’s ring. She says that jewellery has to tread its own path for its own sake.

Eija Mustonen
Eeva-Kaisa Hakulinen
Antonio Altarriba