Peter Bauhuis: Abecedarium. Jewel. Vessel. Implement

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Published: 28.02.2012
Peter Bauhuis: Abecedarium. Jewel. Vessel. Implement.
Peter Bauhuis
Pravu Mazumdar
Text by:
Karl Bollmann, Helen Britton, Liesbeth den Besten, (et. al.)
Edited by:
Arnoldsche Art Publishers
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160 pages, cloth-bound hardcover, 200 colour and black & white illustrations, text in German and English, 17 x 25 cm
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A book that celebrates curiosity and intrigue of the jewellery artist’s oeuvre. In the dialogue between early and current works, vessel implements and jewellery, the complex way in which they are made and the variation on basic forms are perceptible in an exciting way.


Artist, exhibition, book presentation.

Peter Bauhuis
Was born in Friedrichshafen in 1965. He lives and works in Munich. After training as a goldsmith at the State Drawing Academy in Hanau (1986–1990), he graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, in the class Jewellery and Object under Prof. Otto Künzli (1993–1999, diploma gained 1990). In 1998, he was nominated master student and since 1999, the artist has worked in his own studio. Since then, his vessels and jewellery works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally (solo exhibitions in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Austria, the USA, Italy and Switzerland), his work has been recognised with numerous awards, recently the Bavarian State Prize (2011), the Danner Prize (2008) and the Friedrich Becker Prize (2005).

Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, 26 Feb. to 10 June 2012
Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein: 4 July to 10 Aug. 2012
Galerie Pilarz, Cologne: 1 Sept to 13 Oct. 2012
Galerie Ra, Amsterdam: 20 Oct. to 1 Dec. 2012

Book presentation and signing:
Internationale Handwerksmesse München: 17 Mar. 2012, Halle A1, Neue Messe München, Munich (Schmuck 2012)

Book presentation on the events stage: 17.3.2012, 4.30 p.m. 

Book signing at the Chrome Yellow Books stand: 17.3.2012, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. 
A subjective handbook of creative processes.

Peter Bauhuis is fascinated by the possibilities of founding. His jewellery pieces and vessels are formed by the process of casting and fusing metals. By playing with the oxidisation of gold, silver and copper, he achieves unexpected colours from matt white and fragile green-yellow through to deep orange and dark red.

The lost-wax casting process opens up to him a multitude of possibilities. The seemingly simplest forms are forever contrived anew. Would-be casting defects, such as fine lines or fissures and visible marks, which reveal the casting process, are incorporated into the object’s form. The runner is also left. As a result it gives a lightness unusual for metal and its materiality.

As a bibliophilic treasure – with cloth-bound cover and gold embossing – ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers presents for the first time the complete volume of Bauhuis’s work: large format illustrations of the work are accompanied by an abecedarian, the essays of which encompass the works of Peter Bauhuis in alphabetical order. It is not, however, a reference work in the usual sense: its form is taken and opens up a labyrinthine game with meaning, associa-tions and annotations.

At times, the authors themselves – with whom Bauhuis exchanges creative ideas – appear with their work: a cultural scientist, a philosopher, the artist. The book records the exchange of experiences and interests of those involved on the most diverse aspects of seeing, finding, creating and knowing.

With contributions by Karl Bollmann, Helen Britton, Liesbeth den Besten, Michael Erlhoff, Karl Fritsch, Andi Gut, Heinz Schütz, et al.
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