ROCKstars Idar-Oberstein

Published: 23.12.2020
ROCKstars Idar-Oberstein.
Hochschule Trier
Ute Eitzenhöfer
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Idar-Oberstein, Germany
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Valérie Wagner. Object: Untitled, 2018. Slate.. Photo by: Cornelia Wruck. BFA 2018, MFA 2020.. Valérie Wagner
Object: Untitled, 2018
Photo by: Cornelia Wruck
BFA 2018, MFA 2020.

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At the invitation of the Schütt company in Pforzheim, the ROCKstars present works that revolve around the eternal material in jewellery. They are declarations of love, experimental snapshots, or rebellious works revolving around precious stones. At Campus Idar-Oberstein, the newcomers to the gemstone and jewellery scene have dedicated themselves with body and soul to the intensive investigation of gemstones.
Idar-Oberstein, at the same time a world trade centre for gemstones of all kinds as well as a place of study in certain seclusion, is the rehearsal room for the students, where they break up existing structures and develop progressive designs. As ROCKstars, students and alumni stage contemporary pieces of jewellery that not only show the material gemstone in unexpected and unconventional applications but at the same time redefine elements of a centuries-old gemstone aesthetic and are thus socially positioned.

It is not surprising that Schütt invited the university from Idar-Oberstein on the occasion of its 130th anniversary; as Schütt is the most important stone trading company in Pforzheim, it has close ties with Idar-Oberstein. The company had an Idar-Oberstein branch for decades, which ensured a steady flow of the best gemstones to Pforzheim. Until February 13, 2021, the ROCKstars will have their guest appearance at Schütt, parallel to the traveling exhibition Fe. Stahlpreis 2020. Wismar, Hasselt, Itami. Three Countries, Three Cities, Three Schools at the Pforzheim Jewelry Museum.

About Campus Idar-Oberstein
The range of courses offered by the university in Idar-Oberstein is unique worldwide. Due to its special location, the material gemstone is of particular importance in the study programme. Precious stone and jewellery design can be studied here at Bachelor and Master level. This offer attracts a group of particularly motivated and determined students, who, in their research, deal with the topic of gemstones as a basis for artistic work and jewellery. The approximately 50 students come from about 20 different countries so that all students and teachers at the university are constantly surrounded by a wide range of opinions and by different cultural, political, social, and artistic points of view. This diversity makes it possible to see things and behavior from a completely different, often completely new perspective. One of the most important principles of design, the abolition of boundaries, becomes a natural part of everyday life through the coming together of students from all over the world and ultimately becomes visible in the design decisions of the students.
Nikita Kavryzhkin. Earrings: Void, 2020. Basalt, rubber, steel.. Photo by: Nikita Kavryzhkin. Model: Alejandra Campos Taylor.
. MFA student.. Nikita Kavryzhkin
Earrings: Void, 2020
Basalt, rubber, steel.
Photo by: Nikita Kavryzhkin
Model: Alejandra Campos Taylor.
MFA student.

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Pei Wu. Necklace: Hangman’s bond, 2020. Rock crystal, silver, cotton.. 12 x 7 x 45 cm. Photo by: Pei Wu. From series: Parent, past life, teddy bear. MFA 2020.. Pei Wu
Necklace: Hangman’s bond, 2020
Rock crystal, silver, cotton.
12 x 7 x 45 cm
Photo by: Pei Wu
From series: Parent, past life, teddy bear
MFA 2020.

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Pia Groh. Necklace: N'18, 2020. Agate, oxidized silver.. Photo by: Serena Salvadori. Model: Goitse Montsho.
. BFA 2017.. Pia Groh
Necklace: N'18, 2020
Agate, oxidized silver.
Photo by: Serena Salvadori
Model: Goitse Montsho.
BFA 2017.

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Sayara Montemurro. Brooch: The Twist, 2020. Rock crystal, white gold, silver.. Photo by: Sayara Montemurro. Model: Tobias Leyser.
. BFA 2020.. Sayara Montemurro
Brooch: The Twist, 2020
Rock crystal, white gold, silver.
Photo by: Sayara Montemurro
Model: Tobias Leyser.
BFA 2020.

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Vanessa Zöller. Object: A mother is a soap 2, 2020. Milk opal, human hair.. Photo by: Vanessa Zöller. From series: Detached - Aspects of Hair. MFA 2020.. Vanessa Zöller
Object: A mother is a soap 2, 2020
Milk opal, human hair.
Photo by: Vanessa Zöller
From series: Detached - Aspects of Hair
MFA 2020.

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Dot Melanin. Ring: Plato's Cave, 2019. Black obsidian, silver, resin, amber.. Photo by: Dot Melanin. MFA 2016.. Dot Melanin
Ring: Plato's Cave, 2019
Black obsidian, silver, resin, amber.
Photo by: Dot Melanin
MFA 2016.

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Carolin Denter. Brooch: Fuck, 2017. Mokaite, polymer clay, brass gold plated, silver, citrine. 5 x 3 x 3.5 cm. Photo by: Qi Wang. From series: Kitsch. Model: Katharina Reimann.
. BFA 2017.. Carolin Denter
Brooch: Fuck, 2017
Mokaite, polymer clay, brass gold plated, silver, citrine
5 x 3 x 3.5 cm
Photo by: Qi Wang
From series: Kitsch
Model: Katharina Reimann.
BFA 2017.

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Miriam Copícová. Ring: Gun, 2017. Mirror.. Photo by: Tilmann Zizka. MFA 2017.. Miriam Copícová
Ring: Gun, 2017
Photo by: Tilmann Zizka
MFA 2017.

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