Preziosa 2017. Florence Jewellery Week

Published: 12.05.2017
Preziosa 2017. Florence Jewellery Week.

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Preziosa is a cultural project, a biannual exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Jewellery. The project, imagined, managed and coordinated by LAO - Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence, started in 2005, and has quickly become one of the worldwide most important events devoted to contemporary jewellery.

The 2017 Preziosa edition is taking part from 24th to 28th May.

Preziosa 2017 includes: Exhibitions by contemporary artists from various countries; Lectures and presentations; Workshops led by invited artists/lecturers/curators.

3 solo shows with Robert Baines, Arata Fuchi and Sibylle Umlauf.
2 group exhibitions with Tasso Mattar & Danni Schwaag
and Preziosa Young 2017 Winners as well as 2 curated exhibitions by Inger Wästberg and Kevin Murray.

3 Workshops with Robert Baines, Tasso Mattar and Martina Dempf.

9 lectures open to the public by Maria Cristina Bergesio, Roberta Bernabei, Robert Baines, Martina Dempf, Tasso Mattar, Kevin Muray, Inger Wästberg, Shruti Agrawal and Maria Laura La Mantia.

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