Interview with Lluís Comín Vilajosana by Tamagit

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Published: 11.04.2019
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Lluís Comín is a jeweler who has been able to absorb the tradition of the trade as nobody, from there, experiment with great elegance and wisdom. As he says: Over the years, intuition has become a kind of intelligence.

When creating, this Barcelonian jeweler feels the transformative force of nature as well as the influences of universal myths of the arts. Likewise, he declares himself deeply Mediterranean in his influences. Hence, its delicate and at the same time heartbreaking pieces represent small and unfinished universes of our Mediterranean imaginary: the fragment, the mosaic, the vegetation of the littoral, the blue lapis lazuli, the ocher lichen, the coral red ...

Humanist and lover of the mountain, Lluís Comín is a complete jeweler due to his great technique and knowledge of metal and gemology added to an extreme sensitivity for detail, for the ephemeral, for the moment, for the touch.

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