inTransit: An interdisciplinary jewellery + fashion project

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Published: 22.04.2021
Pforzheim University School of Design
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Pforzheim University School of Design
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In transit describes a state of motion – the moment or space in time where one is no longer at the departure point, but has not yet arrived at a (possible) destination. A moment filled with ambiguity, some nostalgia, always with a sense of potential, of change. It dances between movement and suspension. This was the inspiration for the teams of jewellery and fashion students – to explore, use and develop the state of change and transition as an act of adaptation, as a design process and as a design concept.

Working together, the students developed jewellery and fashion masterpieces, staged and photographed them. Each team benefitted from each member's personality, skills and interest and the additional different focus of each department. The fashion students brought impressions of their excursion to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the radically changing Russian image of women, while the jewellery students considered the idea of transit in relation to materiality, the state-of-being and how that affects our perceptions of jewellery. Depending on each group's focus and process, the resulting pieces complement each other, create mutual contrasts between jewellery and fashion or blur the line between such definitions.

Guiding teachers:
Prof. Christine Lüdeke, Jewellery
Prof. Claudia Throm, Fashion
Antonia Leslie

Ivona AndrIon, Fashion
Cécile Garcia, Jewellery
Eleonore Brive, Fashion
Julius Norz, Jewellery
Louison Varigny, Jewellery
Marlene El Otmani, Fashion
Svenja Kissmer, ID / Jewellery
Regina Hähnel, Jewellery
Elisa Wenzel, Fashion
Nora Kirschmeier, Jewellery
Sophia Mohr, Jewellery
Adriano Schaich, Fashion
Daria Krasnykh, Fashion
Jinye Wang, Jewellery
Zoé Pfortner, Jewellery
Tugba Topcu, Fashion