SOdA Laboratory. A experimental research project

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Published: 11.11.2021
Pforzheim University School of Design
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A specific moment – 17.04.2018-22.04.2018 – and place – 45°28`46.577 9°13`2.586 – in time giving a glimpse into the experimental research going on in the Jewellery Department at Pforzheim University. No animals or humans were harmed in the SOdA Lab research. While full precautions were taken, some materials and machines which had volunteered were sacrificed in the name of progress. The results of these experiments are dedicated to their selfless contribution to the global pursuit of knowledge, aesthetics and happiness.

We have been exhibiting jewellery and everyday objects (Schmuck & Objekte der Alltagskultur, SOdA) during Fuorisalone Milano for over 10 years. In 2018, we were part of Ventura Future, exhibiting in abandoned buildings originally part of the Politecnico di Milano pharmaceutical department. From the jewellery labs of Pforzheim University to the old Milanese scientific labs – a mutual spirit of curiosity, exploration and aesthetic development.

Guiding teacher:
Prof. Christine Lüdeke

Franziska Vogt, Graduate, Pushing Daisies
Julia Schultz, Graduate, Last Night…
Jutta Roth, Graduate, The Human machine Experiment
Vanessa Ohlhausen, Graduate, Samsara
Anina Löwe, 3rd sem, Shamanism – Inside&Outside
Bo Zhang, 3rd sem, Pets
Helen Spiegelhalter, 3rd sem, Instinct
Janina Jing Au, 6th sem, Chimære
Lada Klats, 3rd sem, Controlled Wildness
Laura Stachon, 3rd sem, In.Dependent Existence
Tzu-Yun Hung, 3rd sem, Tamagotchi
Valentina Michaelis, 3rd sem, Domesticated?

With generous support from Radiologie am Schlössle, Pforzheim.