Kefan Luo from China Academy of Art. New Talent Award Nominee 2021

Published: 12.07.2021
Kefan Luo
Jialin Fu
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Kefan Luo, New Talent Award Nominee 2021.
Nominated by China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China.

Windmill, as an intangible cultural heritage item, is the most popular and popular toy among Chinese people among traditional toys. Based on the windmill literature, pictures and artists' works, this paper explores the interest conveyed by the windmill and the special meaning behind it.

Through the analysis and research on the materials, shapes, and production techniques of windmills in different periods, the author tries to add the thoughts contained in the traditional temple fair, the fun of toys in childhood, and the author's own understanding while shaping the new toy windmill, so that people can have a multi-angle understanding and thinking about it when playing. This paper will focus on the artistic characteristics of the windmill as the core, from the modeling characteristics, material selection, color matching, and spiritual connotation of in-depth research and creation, refining the elements of the windmill, in the material, color, and technique experiments to gradually promote and improve the scheme, to produce a combination of traditional toy windmill elements of contemporary jewelry.

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