¿Qué tienes entre las manos? Special edition

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Published: 18.04.2016
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¿Qué tienes entre las manos? (What do you have in your hands?) project was conceived by the Bórax08001 collective in 2010, and was initially undertaken solely by its 10 members. Their intention with this project has been to capture and register the impressions and reactions that a person, unaware of the jewelry field, can experience when they encounter a contemporary jewelry piece for the first time. This project has been carried out individually in different cities around the world and intermittently during the last five years.

Artist list

​Carolyn Barker, Isabelle Busnel, Sébastien Carré, Florence Croisier, Katerina Glyka, Akis Goumas, Dora Haralambaki, Ruriko Ito, Erato Koulobi, Gigi Mariani