Too Fragile When You are Close - masterclass work by Viktorija Domarkaite

Viktorija Domarkaite
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Viktorija Domarkaite presents her video alongside of neckpiece and performance for masterclass RITUAL. This project raises questions of loosing mental strenght and its importance for human personality. 

I would like to believe I was strong back then, at least I thought I was - until I became too open to someone. This raised a question for me - if I am as strong as I think I am and I will let someone close and open my heart, will this automatically mean that I will lose myself, my strength, my protection?
Time went on and unfortunately it did mean exactly that. With every minute I became weaker, with every day I allowed more and more to be taken care of, with every week I lost who I used to be.

A dreadful idea of losing my strength and becoming fragile when letting someone in, was the main reason I did not want to feel anything to anyone, ever...

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Viktorija Domarkaite