Work by Manufacturas Auténticas Xan from EASD València. Selected Graduate 2020

Published: 29.04.2021
Manufacturas Auténticas Xan
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My academic training prior to jewelry, I am an Industrial Technical Engineer and Industrial Designer, has always had a relationship with design, so working from an object has always been very recurrent for me. For a long time, my professional and artistic career has been based above all on the recovery, reuse or recycling of objects or materials to create different ones, mainly in the field of furniture, lighting, decoration and interior design. When starting jewelry studies, in addition to giving my pieces that personal imprint of recycling and reuse, I have always been interested in my designs having some movement, that the jewel performs some action and that it interacts with its wearer or with the person who he admires it, causing a feeling of surprise or even dialogue, thus increasing the value of the jewel itself. So for this project I have used some household items to turn them into jewelery, the Philips electric razors. It has always been an object that has caught my attention a lot, for its design, its shapes, its mechanisms ... Especially the old ones of the Philips brand. They seem to me to be well-designed objects, simple and without too many decorations, with attractive shapes and good color combinations.

These razors, when disassembled and separate their mechanical part, the shapes of their bodies allow to incorporate certain electronic elements such as LEDs and circuits to emit sounds. Furthermore, the blade support systems are actuated by a button which opens said support, providing dynamism to the pieces. The theme of the project is defined by the title, which is simply a pun on the brooches and the objects chosen to make them: ShAVE THE BROOCHES - Shave shaving. - Save from saving. On the one hand, the title launches a message of salvation for the brooches, with the intention of giving them a new meaning and giving them more life, since the idea is to make brooches that are not simply static objects and that do not say anything beyond their mere contemplation or aesthetic character but also they interact with the viewer in a more dynamic way.

On the other hand, it defines the main elements that make up the project, the razors. They are brooches that surprise, that tell you beautiful things, that make you laugh and dance ... but above all, they are pieces that create a dialogue between the wearer and the person who admires him.​

/ Manufacturas Autenticas Xan