Alain Roggeman

Published: 10.01.2022


Two pendants and one brooch from the Walls of Shame series are featured in the profile.
Alain Roggeman Alain Roggeman

As a previously classical jeweler, the right gesture, the know-how, the mastery and knowledge of the skills are the tools to express my frame of mind.


My way of approaching a creative work is based on three general aspects.

The formal and graphic aspect: Pure and rigorous lines
Geometric shapes
Graphical simplification of complex elements

The aspect of the theme and inspiration: Memories of Africa
Nature in general
Urban environment and architecture

The aspect of the material: Found, reused or recycled materials
Found objects, toys, tools, various materials

There is, of course, a connection that is created between these different aspects.
For example, we can take inspiration from the forest canopy, use recycled materials and rework the complex structure of the forest in sober and few lines. The material itself can take us to a particular design or function of the object. Having spent my childhood and part of my adolescence in Africa, my work is largely inspired by it. I have no limit in time, some collections may be interrupted quite a long time and later taken with a new and different look. Generally, my jewelry is composed of two materials, which brings more sobriety.


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Award giving  21 Sep 2021 - 21 Sep 2021  Amber Trip Award 2021 Winners.
Meeting  01 May 2018 - 10 Jun 2018  Legnica International Jewellery Festival Silver 2018.
Open call  09 Feb 2018 - 03 Apr 2018  Illusion: Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2018.
Exhibition  07 Dec 2017 - 24 Dec 2017  X-Mas Shopping.
Exhibition  07 Sep 2017 - 02 Dec 2017  Contrepoints.