Dominique Labordery

Published: 27.02.2018
Dominique Labordery. Object: Flower, 2018. Blackened silver, agate, corian.. 8 x 2 cm. Photo by: Dominique Labordery. Dominique Labordery
Object: Flower, 2018
Blackened silver, agate, corian.
8 x 2 cm
Photo by: Dominique Labordery
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Dominique Labordery’s work bridges the fine line between sculpture and jewelry. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are self-contained and foster an intimate relationship with their owners. Her work is characterized by an artistic tension, created from the interplay of perfect craftsmanship and her love for imperfection. The contemporary belgian jeweller lives and works in Düsseldorf, and her work has been exhibited all over the world, winning numerous awards.