Khajornsak Nakpan

Published: 15.11.2022


An “Innovative Body Adornment Jeweller” who specializes in generating knowledge of creative design, theory of colours, and computer graphics. Combining his diverse abilities and skills renders uniqueness to Khajornsak’s work. He focuses on the aesthetics of postmodern art, especially philosophy. He also pays attention to research methodology and process. His work, therefore, demonstrates different aesthetic dimensions through the lens of adaptive science.


Khajornsak’s widely known works is “Amplituhedron: Bio-Melanin Fibre Synthesised from Soil Bacteria to Design Innovative Zero Waste Body Adornment”. The research investigated the use of soil to create a biomaterial in Thailand. Bio-fibre was synthesised from soil bacteria, and the design process holistically considered the entire production cycle, ensuring that it left no waste. The final material contained melanin pigments similar to human skin tones, and their hues were comparable to those of the target groups in Thailand. Apart from this, it aims to maximise the value of natural resources in response to climate change based on harmonious living with nature. The study significantly contributes to the literature because it represents the forefront of biotechnology in philosophical aesthetics.

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Exhibition  15 Sep 2023 - 04 Nov 2023  Awe and Alchemy.
Exhibition  08 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2023  Indin x Möbius by Khajornsak Nakpan and Supavee Sirinkraporn.
Exhibition  15 Jun 2023 - 27 Aug 2023  XXL International exhibition of jewellery and adornments.
Lectures  14 Nov 2022 - 14 Nov 2022  Adorn (ME) lanin. A Lecture by Khajornsak Nakpan.
Meeting  01 Jul 2022 - 03 Jul 2022  Beyond Silver: 25 Years of the ACJ.
Award giving  03 Oct 2021 - 03 Oct 2021  Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0 Award Winners.