Award Givings 2021. Who are the artists and which are the artworks awarded last year?

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Published: 10.02.2022
Award Givings 2021. Who are the artists and which are the artworks awarded last year?.

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One of the ways to detect the level of creation, health, and strength of the art discipline, such as designer jewelry, can be seen when we look at the pieces awarded by the different entities, institutions, fairs, and awards in the sector which have been granted during the year.

In this Award Givings 2021 selection, we give you a compilation where we show you all the awards, pieces, and artists awarded that we have published in Klimt02 during 2021. This collection offers you the chance to evaluate the pulse of the sector.

To us, the result seems of a high level.

We encourage the institutions and organizers to continue in their work to generate spaces and conditions for the development of these calls, the jurors to be demanding in the application of the different evaluation criteria, the artists to continue in the effort, dedication, and intelligence in creation and... to the users, collectors and art lovers to observe in detail and confidence the works that we present to you here.

Award Givings 2021 by Klimt02 presents these awards granted to the work of emerging young talent and established artists awarded by public and private institutions, galleries, and schools. All the awards have a common goal and challenge: to encourage and recognize creativity, technical skills and highlight the career of an artist.

An overview of 16 awards and 103 awarded artists to have a global vision to understand the criteria and the guiding lines of art jewelry today.

Preziosa Young Design Competition 2021:
Xinia Guan, Anne Lahn Hornbæk Hansen, Pilynn Siriphanich, Zhipeng Wang and Charlotte Vanhoubroeck.

Amberif Design Award Winners 2021:

Ninfa Salerno, Sława Tchórzewska, Mylene Auquiere, Ulrich Reithofer, Dorota Paruznik, and I-Chia Huang.

BKV Prize for Young Crafts 2021
Jonas Noël Niedermann, Danni Chen, Vanessa Zöller, Eunji Han, and Charlotte Vanhoubroeck.

LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2021:
Fanglu Lin, Takayuki Sakiyama, and David Corvalán.

Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2021:
Tadeusz Jaśkowiak, Mariana Bilbao Gonzalez-Dueñas, Miroslava Veselá, Esther Heite, Annarita Bianco, Tieke Sheerlinck, Alexander Blank, Ruudt Peters, Silvia Bellia, Ji Young Kim, Małgorzata Kalińska, and Zofia & Witold Kozubscy.

Latin American Design Award 2021:
Clarisa Menteguiaga.

III Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2021:
Vania Ruiz, Adriana Gómez,  Verónica Núñez, Gabriela Nirino, Mónica Díaz, Susana Ortiz, Alejandro Gonzalez, Cristina Celis, Andrea Serini, María Eugenia Ramos, and Valeria Dowding.

Maria Cristina Bergesio Scholarship 2021:
Federica Cogliandro.

Amber Trip Award 2021:
Gintarė Janulaitytė, Annelieke Landre, Lukas Tomkus, Monica Bobbi, Vaiva Kazlauskaitė, and Jessica Grespi.

Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0 Awards:
Khajornsak Nakpan, Melis Agabigum, Izabella Petrut, Gayane Avetisyan, Roberta Consalvo Sances, Rita Besnyoi, Alise Kennedy, Choying Ng, Michelle Plamondon, Andreia Gabriela Popescu, Mihaela Grama, Ani Flys, Roberta Consalvo Sances, Alis Lalu, Monica Wickström,  Ariel Lavian, Debby Wang, Zita Engel, Fabiana Fusco, Gabriel Jardim de Paula, Małgorzata Kalinska, May Gañán, Melis Agabigum, Ramona Popescu and Yolanda Zheng.

Enjoia't Awards 2021:
Boyang Teng, Namkyung Lee, Ute van der Plaats, Jingwen Yuan, Zhipeng Wang, and Aina Térmens.

Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2021 Awards:
Eunseok Han, Jaiik Lee, Namkyung Lee, Misato Takahashi, and Arnald Jordà.

Fio. Contemporary Jewellery Contest 2nd edition Winners:

Alexandre Martins, Joana Gabos, Virgilio Bahde, Amanda Stumpf, Taibe Palacios, Lorena Lazard, Carolina Gomes, Camila Ligabue, Carol Roz, Gabriella Araújo, Qin Xu, Meng Ju Wu, Daria Edstrom, and Yuqing Zhang.

Lorenzo il Magnifico International Award for Art 2021:
Ezra Satok-Wolman.

New Talent Award 2021 by Klimt02:
Shuyao Hong.

New Talent Audience Award 2021:
Lars Joosten.