Award Givings 2020

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Published: 14.01.2021
Award Givings 2020.

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We present a compilation of the awards given during the year 2020. Prizes to specific works or to a complete series of work to young emerging talents or to established jewelry artists granted by public and private institutions, galleries, and schools. All the prizes have a common objective and challenge: to encourage and to recognize the creativity, technical skills and highlight the trajectory of an artist.

An overview of 16 awards and 56 awarded artists to have a global vision to understand the criteria and the guiding lines of art jewelry today.
We would like to congratulate to all institutions, organizers and artists for their good work:

Preziosa Young Design Competition 2020:
Elwy Schutten, Chia-Hsien Lin, Zihan Yang, Marie Masson, Jess Tolbert, Rachael Colley, and Dongyi Wu.

Herbert Hofmann Prize 2020
Melanie Isverding, Katrin Feulner and Carla Nuis.

BKV-Prize for Young Crafts 2020
Seungeun Kim-Lilja, Felicitas Fäßler, Miki Asai, Yu-Hang Chiang and Dagmar Christina Gerke.

Talente Competition 2020: 
Rose Ekwe, Jordan Furze, Kristina Neumann, Micaela Mornaghi, Isabelle Mackay-Sim, Irina Razumovskaya, Søren Krag, Sunniva Rademacher Flesland, Vlastimil Šenkýř and Dirk Vaessen.

Japan Jewellery Competition 2020:
Ando Yasuhiro, Denis Sozin, Tamayo Hayashi, Watanabe Ryota, Malgorzata Kalinska, Hasegawa Maki, Kwon Heedoo, Katsuki Tamako, Kaida Naoya, Konishi Mai, Kobayasi Teruko, Matsuura Mineri, Manuela Sousa, Romana Toson and Matsuda Mitsuhiro.

Friedrich Becker Prize 2020:
Junwon Jung.

Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2020 Award:
Malgorzata Kalinska, NamKyung Lee, Chama Navarro, Yaiza Rodriguez and Yu-Chen Tseng.

Arte y Joya Award 2020:
Ana Margarida Carvalho.

Klimt02 JPlus Emerging Talent Award 2020:
Hannah Oatman.

Klimt02 JPlus Audience Award 2020:
Inbar Avneri.

Athens Jewelry Week Award 2020
Xinia Guan.

Material Quests Award at Athens Jewelry Week 2020
Youjin Um.

Alchimia Award at Athens Jewelry Week 2020
Angelos Konstantakatos.

Autor Award at Athens Jewelry Week 2020
Kinga Huber.

Joya Award at Athens Jewelry Week 2020
Chien-Yu Liu.

Public Award at Athens Jewelry Week 2020
Miriam Andraus Pappalardo.