Award Givings 2023. Who are the artists and which are the artworks awarded this year?

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Published: 26.01.2024
Award Givings 2023. Who are the artists and which are the artworks awarded this year?.

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One of the ways to detect the level of creation, health, and strength of the art discipline, such as designer jewellery, can be seen when we look at the pieces awarded by the different entities, institutions, fairs, and awards in the sector which have been granted during the year.

In this Award Givings 2023 selection, we give you a compilation showing you all the awards, pieces, and artists awarded that we published in Klimt02 during 2023. This collection offers you the chance to evaluate the pulse of the sector.

To us, the result seems to be of a high level.

We encourage the institutions and organizers to continue in their work to generate spaces and conditions for the development of these calls, the jurors to be demanding in the application of the different evaluation criteria, and the artists to continue in the effort, dedication, and intelligence in the creation and... to the users, collectors and art lovers to observe in detail and confidence the works that we present to you here.

Award Givings 2023 by Klimt02 presents these awards granted to the work of emerging young talent and established artists awarded by public and private institutions, galleries, and schools. All the awards have a common goal and challenge: to encourage and recognize creativity and technical skills and highlight an artist's career.

An overview of so far 13 awards and 49 awarded artists to have a global vision to understand the criteria and the guiding lines of art jewelry today.

New Talents Award 2023 by Klimt02. 9th Edition
Natascha Frechen

Preziosa Young 2023
Xinyi Chen, Hasan Kurd, Maria Camera-Smith

Romanian Jewelry Week 4.0 Award Winners
Sharareh Aghaei, Maria Eugenia Ramos, Demitra Thomloudis, Marie Jianu, Yuqing, Isabella Perez Barros, Ukrainian artists, Ivana Tilesova, Tomas Miskovic, Elvira Cibotti, Adeliia Lisohor, Wenyin Jiang.

Alex Kinsley Vey, JORGC Award at Contemporania 2023 Winner
Alex Kinsley Vey

Maria Cristina Bergesio Scholarship 2023-2024 Winner
Ziran Zhang

LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2023 Winners.
Eriko Inazaki, Moe Watanabe, Dominique Zinkpè.

Friedrich Becker Prize 2023 Winner.
Norman Weber.

Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2023 Winners.
Youjin Um, Iris Hummer, Susanne Hammer, Christina Karababa, Tadeusz Jaśkowiak, Magdalena Szadkowska, Teresa Dantas, Arek Wolski, Marcin Bogusław, Sharareh Aghaei

2023 RDS Craft Award Winners.
Clodagh Molloy, Ríon Hannora, Barry Todd, Emer Roberts, Patrick Brennan.

BKV Prize 2023 Winners.
Jiye Yun, Yuxi Lu, Magdalena Sophie Orland, Shang Gao.

Winners of the Herbert Hofmann Prize 2023.
Tamara Marbl Joka, Jutta Kallfelz, Neke Moa.

Talente. Masters of the Future Prizes 2023.
Matthias Gschwendtner, Philsoo Heo, Susie Heuberger, Agnes Kelm, Yinglong Li, Haisheng Liu, Elisabeth Ott, Jeroen van den Bogaert.

10th Hanau Goldsmith Winner.
Alexander Blank.

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