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Published: 07.09.2020
Herman Sun
Jun Xie
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DBC International Designer Space(Beijing Design Week Branch Venue)
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Everything has changed in 2020. The world has turned upside-down by a globe pandemic. What do we do? As a jeweller, what can we do in this ‘magic’ 2020? As curator and art director Herman Sun said, we are living in different areas around the world, but we do believe jewellery. I believe contemporary art jewellery sometimes was more than jewellery itself, it is a powerful spirit more than the objects.
Under this concept, we start this project. We invite contemporary jewellers around the world film their professional practice and edit into a documentary. The video will be shown during the Beijing Design Week 2020, which is also the 600 years’ birthday of Temple of Heaven (Est.1420) and the final stop of the Growth & Evolution International Jewellery Exhibition (It also available on:
A documentary about contemporary jewellery broadcasts to the public is unprecedented in China. And yet every video we receive is a unique and complete project from all talents. It puts a lot of pressure on me as the producer to bring all them together in a single film. Instead of just showcasing the work itself I concentrate on revealing the practicing process from the very beginning. I hope it can make a better understanding of what is contemporary art jewellery for our audiences. We also invite a young music talent(Chuan Luo) create this water like music for this project.
Every project starts from somewhere. It may be meandering in an anonymous alley or a rowing experience along the river delta. From tides to trees, from rock to metal, artists extract fragments of memory and cutting into the new jewels to be seen.

Participating artists:
Mabel Pena
Maja Houtman
Agnès WO
Into Niilo
Nadejda Policarpova
Supavee Sirinkraporn
Khajornsak Nakpan
Daniel Von Weinberger
Tamara Zecevic
Agostina Laurenzano
Lodie Kardouss
Mette Olsen & Tinne Delfs
Mohsen Amini
Wiebke Pandikow
Qianwen Lu
Fabiana Gadano
Isabelle Carpentier
Juanjo García Martín

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