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Published: 29.01.2024


Marie Therese Wolf was born in Vienna, Austria. She attended universities in Vienna, and Tokyo, graduated with an MA in Design for Interactive Media in London, and then embarked on a career in technology. After several years in management roles in the internet, media, and telecoms companies, she continued her education in art and design at the NABA, Nuova Academia di Belle Arti in Milan (with jewellery designer Barbara Uderzo, and with Italian artist Attilio Tono) and at Central St. Martins in London. Her work is influenced by interests ranging from science and technology to art, music, and design. More recently, sustainability has become a springboard for development in her pieces.
During her creative process, she applies similar techniques to the ones she has learned in her past career in technology, for example, rapid innovation loops - production cycles focused on simultaneous experimentation and evaluation of materials and shapes. She exhibited at the Munich Jewellery Week 2021 with a series of pieces from her collection “Moonscapes”. Her exhibition pieces were also featured in the contemporary jewellery magazine Current Obsession. Some of her work was showcased in the online gallery “A room with a view” in spring 2021. Her series “Light, light shows” was shown at the New York Jewellery Week 2021. Her upcoming group exhibit at the Brussels Jewellery Week in April/May 2022 will feature her latest collection “Gems”.


The materials I primarily work with are resin, stones, acrylics, metals and found objects. I don’t focus on an ultimate product. To me the process is essential - the various steps leading to the formation of my pieces: researching, reflecting, sketching, experimenting, discarding and restarting. Even after prototyping and mold-making, the creation of my pieces is always evolutionary, fluid.
In my most recent series "Gems", I concentrated on the transformation process of the liquid resin into a wearable gem: the pieces are shaped by the dance of practical and experimental factors - along with sheer chance. The gems contain an imprint of myself and this is an imprint which is continuing to evolve…when the gems are passed on to a wearer, a different process will start: trying, wearing and finding different purposes for the pieces. 

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