Marta Armada Rodríguez

Published: 22.05.2024


Marta Armada Rodríguez began her studies as a ceramist at the Vigo School of Arts and Crafts and completed her training at the Moncloa School of Ceramics. She has focused her career on contemporary jewelry design and small-format sculpture. Her works are presented as a scene of leisurely observation, where the trip, her experiences and the relationships established with different cultures offer the precise impulse for creation.


My creative process comes from intuition. I do not follow a plan, a map, a specific method. 
I am mainly interested in shape, the pursuit of simplicity, beauty, and balance. The reasons come later.
My work encompasses contemporary jewellery, sculpture, photography, and installation. 
As an Artist, I focus most strongly on the ideas or concept that prefigures any design. I am also concerned with identities, and the relation between the human body and objects.
Porcelain is an indispensable material in my work, I am interested in the fragility, but at the same time the consistency of the porcelain, the whiteness, the game of mirrors, and the warmth that contributes metal and other materials.

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